Hi There, My Name Is Gerry Arkouzis...

Yeah, I know, you’re probably having a bit of a hard time pronouncing my last name just like anybody else - Lol.

I was born here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I was raised by my beautiful Mum and Dad who both migrated here from Greece and have been proud Australians for decades, so be ready for my charming accent once we get a chance to talk.

I am a former restaurateur, teacher and multi-media business owner, and currently an author, a philanthropist, an online expert, a business strategist, international top online leader/ coach, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a mentor, a go-getter, a philosopher and a passionate spirit. You can download my recent EBook here, get social with me here, and check out my thoughts and insights here.

I love mingling with people who share the same interests as I do, who got the same zest for life, and who got persistence as their best friend.

You and I only got one life to live so I believe that we all must seize every single day – Carpe Diem. This is why I like doing what I love to do and getting what I want no matter what it takes. Life can sometimes be tough, but I’m a tougher guy!

About Me

Here you are! Sorry for the short details I have provided on my homepage, which probably sparked your interest to know me better. Well, what more can I say? Although I appear a man of few words here, I assure you that I am a good conversationalist. You can ask people who know me for proof if you are quite sceptic about me. Kidding aside, I like dealing with people, sharing my experiences with them, hearing their stories, helping them out the best way I can, and generally just talking to people. It’s my way of life. I guess I’m a natural charmer, eh? I can describe myself all day, but I won’t be able to put justice to it unless you get to know me personally. Now, why won’t you connect with me so we can see which frequency we’re going to jive?

My inner core is to help the world – one person at a time. I have a WHY bigger than ME. One of my Philanthropist goals is to feed 1,000,000 people in this country.

Online Expert








I love being single. It gives me all the time in the world to do what I love to do and to meet as much people as I can. Got my point, right? I simply enjoy sharing ideas and experience with different kinds of people, especially those that I meet for the first time. It just feels so good having new connections and expanding my network. It not only gives me a chance to learn great stories, but also allows me to extend my helping hand.

I’ve always been a philanthropist my whole life. I understand where people are coming from and I know how much sweat, blood, and tears are required to become successful. This is why my heart is wide open to every deserving individual I meet along my personal journey. Life has been generally great to me despite some episodes of failure and heartache. Because of this, I thought to myself, “Why not pay it forward when there’s nothing else I could ask for anymore?” You know, when you got an opportunity to make other people’s lives better, would you not do it? I bet we all would! After all, I am blessed with more than the things and grace I’ve asked God for, so sharing some of these is but right.

...and the rest is history! Oh, by the way, I’m also busy enjoying and exploring the virtual world. You know, over the years I have witnessed how this world has progressed and I am totally amazed at how the Internet can change the lives of all of us. I have experienced it firsthand how things got better for me when I learned to make the most out of the World Wide Web and I’m out to share this knowledge. Go-getters like me won’t settle for anything less than they deserve and I want to pave the way to make it happen for them. I’d like to take them from the traditional business paradigm to the virtual online business paradigm and let them enjoy the unlimited perks and privileges of it!

My roots go back to the days of the ancient Greeks when philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle moved the world with their wisdom. Just like them, I would like to touch people’s lives with the wisdom I acquired over the years and make them feel loved, happy, and generally good about their lives, so they learn to appreciate every single blessing that they receive. I want to become part of people’s lives even just in their thoughts. I aim to be the voice that the young generation will heed and believe in so they won’t go astray and would no longer have to travel paths that can only harm them. I guess it’s my own sense of purpose telling me to share wisdom based on my personal experiences.

Want To Talk?

The best thing about being single is having all the time in the world to mingle. No, I don’t specifically mean the romantic kind that you probably might be thinking right now.

I like people with big minds. If this is you or if you think there’s a common denominator between us and you want to talk about it, or if you simply believe that I can help you in any way (I’m so blessed and I like to pay it forward to all deserving individuals), feel free to contact me. I promise I’ll respond, so don’t hesitate to reach me. Ta!

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